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Free Freight - What You Need to Know

Although the term “Free Freight” is often used in the eCommerce world, it is a misnomer. More properly “Free Freight” is “Dock-to-Dock Prepaid Freight”. Additional delivery (sundry) services may be added for additional cost.

Fulfillment of goods purchased online, such as office furniture, is a two-step process. The first step is straight forward.

Customer purchase goods from an online dealer (distributor) who, in turn, purchases from a manufacturer. When the goods are shipped, title of the goods passes from the manufacturer to the dealer to the customer (FOB Origin: Freight On Board). Now, the first step is completed and the second step begins.

Transportation is the second step. In this step, there are three legal entities involved:

  • Consignor (also called the shipper) is the manufacturer
  • Carrier is the shipping or Freight Company
  • Consignee is the customer.

The Consignor creates instructions for and pays the Carrier. The Carrier transports and delivers goods to the Consignee in accordance with the instructions Consignor's. The Consignee is responsible for receiving the goods in accordance with industry best practices which includes:

Although the dealer is not part of this group, the dealer will serve as an agent for both the Consignor and Consignee if there are commercial changes and adjustments to be made. For example, if after goods ship and the customer chooses to add delivery services, the dealer would collect the appropriate fees from the customer and pay the Consignor who will process a change order and pay the Carrier. Likewise, sundry services such as:

  • Delivery delayed by the customer
  • Change of delivery address
  • Re-delivery
  • Delivery appointments
  • Guaranteed date of arrival

... are typically chargable and available at additional fee, which would be collected by the dealer who will pay the Consignor to pay the Carrier. Whenever there are fees involved, the dealer will act as the agent between Consignor and Consignee.

For local logistics issues like time of day delivery, or delivery date preference, customers should contact the carrier directly and work out a mutually agreeable plan.

Delivery Services

warning1What Other Online Retailers Don't Want You to Know!

Free Freight sounds like a really good deal - and it is. But it may not be enough for your conditions. Free freight means 'tail-gate' delivery. Your freight is made available at the end of the shipping truck's tail gate for you to off-load and move into your building. That is just fine if your building has a truck receiving dock or cartons are small/light. But if your building doesn't have a receiving dock, and your freight is heavy, you may need additional delivery services.

Most online retailers would rather not expose you to additional delivery options at time of purchase because it means extra fees. Some wait till your order is placed and then tell you that you need delivery services at exorbitant costs - a bait and add tactic.

National Office Outfitters' websites are different. We want you to make a good decision based on all the facts. That is why we list the carton sizes and weights for most every product so you can make an informed decision.

When you consider purchasing from other online retailers, check to see if they list carton sizes and weights and whether they make delivery option pricing clear to you prior to ordering.

If your delivery address does not have a receiving dock or if you would like to have the shipper move the freight to your inside address, consider adding these delivery options.

Read more about Shipping and Receiving here.

LIFT GATE DELIVERY SERVICE: $75 Select on checkout screen

lift gate-200px

A lift gate is basically a motorized platform attached to the back of the delivery truck that will physically lower large and/or heavy items to the ground so you can take them inside your business or residence (also know as 'curb-side' delivery).

If your building doesn't have a truck receiving dock, and your shipment is relatively light, standard free shipping (also called 'tail-gate' delivery, may be enough. You would off-load cartons from the back end of the truck. Heavier and larger cartons may reqire more people. For cartons more than 100+ pounds, off-loading may be difficult and dangerous. Rough handling while off-loading of cartons may damage products inside and would not be covered under warranty or shipping damage.

For heavy cartons, a 'Lift Gate' equiped truck is recommended. With 'Lift Gate' delivery service, the delivery truck driver will make your delivery accessable at street level ('curb-side' delivery to a public sidewalk). Lift Gate delivery to an on-premisies (beyond the curb) location such as a parking lot or driveway requires additional Inside Delivery services.

The 'Lift Gate' fee is based on a per-delivery basis. One fee is sufficient for most orders involving multiple items. If there are more than 20 products or cartons weighing more than 2000 pounds, please contact National Office Outfitters for more information.

INSIDE DELIVERY SERVICE: $75 Select on checkout screen


Receiving Dock or Lift Gate required.

The Carrier can perform 'Inside Delivery' services when a Lift Gate is added or Receiving Dock is available. Cartons are delivered to the first available room of the office address. This services is also used if the delivery truck is to make a lift gate delivery on-premises (beyond the curb) drive way or parking lot.

The driver of the delivery truck will perform this task. However, depending upon the size, weight (greater than 75 lbs.), number of cartons, and your facility, the shipper may ask for (and require) customer participation. In this case, service fees still apply because the carrier is rendering service effort and time.

In all likelihood, the carrier will use a pallet jack or hand truck to move the freight into the building. However, some large cartons must be hand carried. This means the path to (and into) the building must be wide enough and without steps, and entrance doors must be double wide. If these conditions do not exist, the carrier may, at his discretion, refuse to conduct the service in which case, National Office Outfitters will refund Inside Delivery fees.

Inside Delivery services are also called 'threshold' delivery. Most carriers consider this service to be fulfilled when delivery is made to the first available inside location.  In an office building, this means the building lobby - not an office suite that may be on a different floor. If delivery it to be made to a specific office suite that is not directly accessible, then please consider "TURN-KEY" delivery services (below).

Even though many carriers consider Inside Delivery to be fulfilled when delivery is made to a building lobby, some carriers will deliver to an office suite on a different floor. It depends on the carrier, number, size & carton weight, and how busy the carrier may be.

The 'Inside Delivery' fee is suitable for most orders, regardless of number of pieces ordered. However, for large or orders with cartons weighing more than 2000 pounds, additional fees may apply. National Office Outfitters reviews all orders and, if necessary, will discuss these fee with customers prior to order shipment.

RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY SERVICE: $75 Select on checkout screen

inside delivery-200px

Is a delivery at a Residence' in lieu of a place of business. Residential areas restrict truck size so delivery trucks must be smaller. These added restrictions cost the shipping company more. This option may be added to "Lift Gate" and 'Inside Delivery' options.

Please note that delivery personnel will not enter your home.  In the case of a residence, inside delivery is fulfilled by moving shipping cartons to a home owner's garage. If you need delivery inside your home, please consider "Turn-Key" delivery services (below).

The 'Residential' fee is based on a per-delivery basis. If there are more than 20 products or cartons weighing more than 2000 pounds, contact National Office Outfitters for more information. One fee is sufficient for most orders involving multiple items.


If you are looking for a complete delivery service that will deliver to your room of choice and optionally assemble the office furniture, then consider Turn-Key delivery (also known as "Last-Mile" or "Final-Mile" services). Services may include your choice of the following:

  • Set Inside first (1st) dry door
  • Inside delivery to room of choice
  • Office furniture unpacking and inspection
  • Office furniture assembly
  • Debris removal

There are many 3rd party companies that provide these services. Some offer national coverage while others are regional/local. They can receive your shipment directly from the factory and then, perform customized delivery and assembly services at your office location or just perform assembly services.

You may choose to have your furniture order shipped directly to a Turn-Key provider or shipped directly to your office. In the former option, the Turn-Key provider will receive your freight at their facility and then make arrangements for local delivery and accessorial services. This choice works well if your office requires special delivery considerations. Or, in the latter case, when standard delivery options are adequate, your Turn-Key provider can arrive at your office and performs services associated with the assembly only. 

To find a regional/local provider, National Office Outfitters recommends performing a Google search for keywords like: "furniture assembly near xxx" (where xxx is the name of your town/city). For national companies, consider securing a quote from these companies:

 After you receive your quote from a 3rd party provider, call National Office Outfitters for specific ordering instructions.