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Free Freight - What You Need to Know

Although the term “Free Freight” is often used in the eCommerce world, it is a misnomer. More properly “Free Freight” is “Dock-to-Dock Prepaid Freight”. Additional delivery (sundry) services may be added for additional cost.

Fulfillment of goods purchased online, such as office furniture, is a two-step process. The first step is straight forward.

Customer purchase goods from an online dealer (distributor) who, in turn, purchases from a manufacturer. When the goods are shipped, title of the goods passes from the manufacturer to the dealer to the customer (FOB Origin: Freight On Board). Now, the first step is completed and the second step begins.

Transportation is the second step. In this step, there are three legal entities involved:

  • Consignor (also called the shipper) is the manufacturer
  • Carrier is the shipping or Freight Company
  • Consignee is the customer.

The Consignor creates instructions for and pays the Carrier. The Carrier transports and delivers goods to the Consignee in accordance with the instructions Consignor's. The Consignee is responsible for receiving the goods in accordance with industry best practices which includes:

Although the dealer is not part of this group, the dealer will serve as an agent for both the Consignor and Consignee if there are commercial changes and adjustments to be made. For example, if after goods ship and the customer chooses to add delivery services, the dealer would collect the appropriate fees from the customer and pay the Consignor who will process a change order and pay the Carrier. Likewise, sundry services such as:

  • Delivery delayed by the customer
  • Change of delivery address
  • Re-delivery
  • Delivery appointments
  • Guaranteed date of arrival

... are typically chargable and available at additional fee, which would be collected by the dealer who will pay the Consignor to pay the Carrier. Whenever there are fees involved, the dealer will act as the agent between Consignor and Consignee.

For local logistics issues like time of day delivery, or delivery date preference, customers should contact the carrier directly and work out a mutually agreeable plan.

Sorrento 18 ft. Table - (4) Crates - Click to Enlarge

aberdeen18-crated-250pxAberdeen 12 ft. Table - (4) Crates - Click to Enlarge

Shipping & Receiving

In most cases, conference room tables and accessory furniture are shipped in one or more cartons from the factory to your location. Shipping is performed by trucking companies called "common carriers".  The conventions and standards of the freight industry are somewhat different than the more familiar "parcel" shipments performed by UPS and Fedex.


Parcels are typically smaller and lighter boxes.  The typical maximum weight of a parcel is 67 pounds.  But conference table cartons are often more than 100 pounds.  For this reason, most shipments of conference room furniture are performed by freight companies or "common carriers". 

Freight companies use trucks that carry large and heavy loads on interstate freeways.  These trucks are often referred to as 18 wheelers with cargo trailers of 40 -53 foot.  The truck bed is about 4 foot off the ground necessitating a forklift or loading dock to on and off-load heavy freight.

Freight Delivery

When a "common carrier" freight truck makes a delivery, they deliver to a street address - not to a particular office or suite location as is common with parcel shipments.  The truck driver will park his truck in an available location, open the rear door and move the freight to be delivered to the rear of the truck bed.  That's it. His job is done.

liftgateTruck Off-loading

It is up to the receiving party to off-load freight from the back of a "common carrier" truck bed. If your facility does not have a truck receiving dock or a fork lift, and the freight is too heavy to physically lift off the truck, then consider an optional LIFT GATE equipped delivery truck.

LIFT GATEs are mechanical devise attached to the rear of the truck that allows the truck driver to lower the freight to street level.

pallet-jackOnce the freight is off the truck, it still needs to be moved indoors.  The truck driver can perform optional "INSIDE DELIVERY" service at additional cost. Or the receiving party can choose to move the cartons themselves.

If the trucking company is contracted to perform "INSIDE DELIVERY" services, the driver must be able to move the cartons with a pallet jack or hand truck. This means that the route to your office building must accommodate the width of the the shipping cartons. Office access from the truck to the front door should not have steps. And the route and doorway(s) should be wide enough to handle the carton width. If cartons are too large or too heavy for the shipper's driver to handle by him or her self, the driver may request assistance from the customer. No refund applies in these circumstances.

The shipper will deliver to the first available room of the office address (threshold delivery). Although many carriers will consider the building lobby as their final destination for "Inside Delivery", some will deliver to your office suite on a floor other than the ground floor if an elevator of adequate size is available. In such cases, a freight elevator is preferred but a passenger elevator may be used if exclusive use is permitted. Freight cartons can be large so it is best to check to be sure your elevator size is adequate. What the trucking company will not do is move cartons up stairs.  They don't have the equipment or the man-power to do this kind of heavy lifting.

If you absolutely need delivery to your office suite, consider "TURN-KEY" delivery services.

Additional LIFT GATE and INSIDE DELIVERY restrictions may apply.  Please refer to this page and this Delivery option Quick Guide for more details.


Special Services
On occasion, delivery circumstances require special services.  Most common carriers offer custom shipping services including but not limited to the following.

  • Weekend or after hour delivery
  • Specific time delivery
  • Guarantee delivery day
  • Delivery to room of choice
  • Assembly services
  • Debris removal


Receiving is the process of accepting a freight shipment. When receiving your shipment, ConferenceRoomOutfitters suggests you follow these receiving guidelines. A more verbose PDF version is available here.

The following instructions are included with shipment notification emails.

Receiving Guidelines Checklist

Never sign the freight carrier's receipt until a full inspections of the carton(s) is made AND you have made a notation (in writing) on the shipper’s receipt of ALL delivery conditions. Taking digital pictures (cell phone pictures are fine) is highly recommended and will go a long way toward reconciling shipping damage claims should they arise.

If you see: Do this: Take pictures

A difference in the number of cartons listed in the packing slip. Make a note on the Shipper’s Receipt: "Carton [description of carton*] missing."
In most cases, there will be one carton for each part number mentioned on the packing slip. However, some cartons may contain multiple, smaller parts. In these cases, the carton label will most likely specify how many parts per carton.

Also, the carrier's receipt that you will sign after your inspection includes a value that refers to the number of cartons (e.g "pieces"). The wording carriers use may be different, but you can always ask the carrier how many cartons/boxes are shown on the receipt.

Make sure your delivery includes the part number listed on the packing slip and number of cartons listed on the carrier's receipt.
Any carton that has crushed corners, sides or top/bottom. This is the most important step in the process so be critical. Make a note on the carrier’s Receipt: “Carton [description of carton*] shows rough handling – content damage unknown.


Any carton that has been damaged but you are not sure if there is damage to the contents. Make a note on the carrier’s Receipt: "Carton [description of carton*] shows outside damage - content damage unknown."


Any contents that have sustained damage. REJECT this carton only with a note on the carrier's receipt: "Contents of carton [description of carton*] has been damaged - reject." YES
If cartons have been rejected or notes have been added to the carrier's receipt and/or pictures taken, please notify and forward a copy of this information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (as soon as possible). National Office Outfitters LLC along with the manufacturer will review your information and, if appropriate, process a shipping damage claim on your behalf and order replacement parts.
* Description of carton is the manufacturer’s part number on the packing slip and printed on the outside of the carton.

Only after all receiving conditions are noted in writing should you sign the freight carrier’s receipt. When you sign the freight carrier’s receipt, you are legally accepting the shipment as described on the carrier's receipt plus the notes you have added. If no notes were added, the shipment is accepted “as is” and the carrier is relieved from future liability or claim. In other words, the carrier's work is done. So it is absolutely essential to add notes to the shippers receipt if there is ANY indication there MIGHT be content damage.

Assuming no shipping damage occurred and no notes were added to the carrier's receipt, please inspect the contents of all cartons within 7 business days. In the unlikely event that contents are found to be damaged, incorrect or missing, a “concealed damage” or warranty claim may be appropriate. Please take several (close-up and full-size) pictures of the furniture damaged along with pictures of the carton exterior where the damage is located, and include them along with a short description of your observations in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information about shipping and warranty claims, please consult the “Terms of Sale” document available on the website.

Missing Assembly Hardware:
Although infrequent, if there is missing assembly hardware, you may call Mayline direct at 1.800.822.8037 (8-5 central time). Ask for "Customer Service". Refer to "National Office Outfitters LLC" and your order number. They will be able to enter a no-charge order for replacement hardware