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Reception Station/Furniture
Hundreds of style/configuration/finish options

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   Expires Dec 31st.

  Sorrento - Bourbon Cherry, or Espresso
  Napoli - Sierra Cherry, or Mahogany
  Medina - Various colors for different configurations
  Sterling - Tex Driftwood , Tex Brown Sugar, or Tex Mocha

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Reception Area Furniture Support

National Office Outfitters LLC is an authorized reseller of various reception area furniture manufacturers.  Our objective is to make your pre and post sales experience convenient and informative. If you should need any assistance in choosing, setting up or maintaining your reception area furniture, please don't hesitate to call or write us.

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Finish Colors

color icon01Colors viewed on your computer screen may not be an accurate representations of finish colors in different office lighting conditions. Often times, computer screens are tuned with more blues and less reds. For this reason, we encourage all customers to request sample finish chips to check actual finish colors in your office lighting conditions prior to your order.

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Have you noticed that this website is different? Its different on purpose. Our customers constantly telling us how they appreciate the information and layout. 

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