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Reception Station/Furniture
Hundreds of style/configuration/finish options

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  Sorrento - Bourbon Cherry, or Espresso
  Napoli - Sierra Cherry, or Mahogany
  Medina - Various colors for different configurations
  Sterling - Tex Driftwood , Tex Brown Sugar, or Tex Mocha

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CSII Reception Station
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CSII Reception Station * Clasic Rock Laminate Color Palet * Front View
CSII Reception Station * Windswept Laminate Color Palet * Front View
CSII Reception Station * Windswept Laminate Color Palet * Typical Configuration
CSII Reception Station * Typical Configuration
CSII Reception Station Color Palet: Upper Section / Lower Section / Edge Trim
26 * 3/4 Front View
Manufacturer: Mayline

CSII Reception Station Overview

  • Steel base construction with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) work surfaces and PVC T-mold edging.
  • 20 popular laminate color (Wood grain laminates runs horizontal).
  • 1.125 inch thick work surface.
  • File Pedestal lock(s) are same-keyed for 'L' shaped configuration; one lock per pedestal located at the top of each unit.
  • Return is non-handed for right or left hand configuration
  • GreenGuard certified.

    Ships from Sheboygan, WI.

    Full range of finish color options:

    CSII Reception Station

    Model: C1376+CS2RC

    List price: $ 1,802.00 Free Shipping for qualifying orders
    Your Savings: ($ 928.00) Lead Time: 35-40 business days (8 weeks)
    Your Price: $ 874.00

    Price and main image may change as options & configuration are selected.

    Price Each: $ 874.00
    B/B/F = Box/Box/File; F/F = File/File


    CSII Edge Profile CSII Colors

    Rugged steel construction is the basis for the CSII design. Its sleek style look combines functionality and affordability.

    CSII Reception Stations are built on the CSII office platform - desk and counter top combination. While the base incorporates steel construction, the working surfaces are available in a wide range of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) finishes. The Reception Station may be expanded with a Return, a varriety of pedestal (ped) style file cabinets. Auxiliary counter tops may be added to provide a more finished reception station look.

    The desk base ( and desk return if selected) is painted. The desk top (work surface) as well as the top and sides of the main and aux counter top are a high pressure laminate (HPL) surface with T-mold edging.

    Combinations of Laminate & Edge T-mold, and paint may be selected. Note, T-mold edging available in Black, Ice Gray, Warm Gray or Taupe only. The most common color combinations are shown on the right.

    • Structural components and leg are designed with 14 and 18 gauge cold rolled steel
    • Meets or exceeds all ANSI/BIFMA standards
    • Center Desk Drawer available for all models
    • Table top is 1.125 inches thick with PVC T-mold edges
    • Work surfaces are scratch and chemical resistant made from high pressure laminate (HPL).


    The price and main product picture will change to one of the following configurations after selecting the 'Pedestal File Options'. 30 and 78 inch Auxiliary (Aux) Counter Tops purchased as 'ADD' items and will be added to the price when selected. Note, none of the configurations include a center drawer, which fits under the desk or return as standard. Select the Center Desk Drawer [19400] if you want to include one center drawer.

    Desk only with counter top (no return)

    csii res C1376 CS2RCNo file pedestals - just desk and counter top csii res C1371 CS2RC(1) Box/Box/File file pedestal - may be assembled on the right or left side of the desk csii res C1373 CS2RC(1) File/File file pedestal - may be assembled on the right or left side of the desk
    csii res C1375 CS2RC(1) Box/Box/File & (1) File/File file pedestal    

    L-Shaped (with return & counter top)

    csii res C1376 CS2RC C2436L-shape - No file pedestals (return may be placed on the left or right side of the desk) csii res C1371 CS2RC C2436L-shape with (1) Box/Box/File file pedestal under the desk (not return) csii res C1371 CS2RC C2431L-shape with (2) Box/Box/File file pedestals
    csii res C1371 CS2RC C2433L-shape with (1) Box/Box/File & (1) File/File file pedestal under desk and return respectively csii res C1373 CS2RC C2431L-shape with (1) File/File & (1) Box/Box/File file pedestal under desk and return respectively   



    Luminary Reception Station Dimensions

    Finish: 19 High Pressure Laminates (HPL) with 18 different paint colors
    Finish Matl: Steel base with High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
    Work Surface Thickness: 1-1/8 inches
    Warranty: Limited Life Time Warranty
    Manufacturer: Mayline Group 


    Dimensions, Cartons, Assembly Information

    Model Description Dimensions (inches) Weight
    Time (min)
    Length Width Height
    C1376 Straight Front Desk with no pedestal file 72 30 29 142 (1) L28.5 X W16.5 X H31.00 + (1) L74.0 X W34.0 X H4 30 600.pdf
    C1371 Straight Front Desk with B/B/F pedestal file 72 30 29 185 (1) L18.11 X W32.28 X H30.32 + (1) L74.0 X W34.0 X H4 30 600.pdf
    C1373 Straight Front Desk with F/F pedestal file 72 30 29 185 (1) L28.5 X W16.5 X H31.00 + (1) L74.0 X W34.0 X H4 30 600.pdf
    C1375 Straight Front Desk with B/B/F + F/F pedestal files 72 30 29 200 (1) L18.11 X W32.28 X H30.32 + (1) L74.0 X W34.0 X H4 30 600.pdf
    C1374 Straight Front Desk with (2) F/F pedestal files 72 30 29 200 (1) L18.11 X W32.28 X H30.32 + (1) L74.0 X W34.0 X H4 30 600.pdf
    C2436 24x48 inch return 48 24 29 89 (1) L51.5 X W34 X H4 + (1) L28.5 X W16.5 X H25.75 30 605.pdf
    CS2RC Reception Counter Top 63 18 17.375   115 (1) L65 X W34 X H2.5 20 684.pdf
    CS2RS30 30 inch Aux Counter Top 30 12 10.75   30 (1) L40 X W25 X H3 10 700.pdf
    CS2RS78 78 inch Aux Counter Top 78 12 10.75   80 (1) L85 X W25 X H3 10 700.pdf
    19400 Center Desk Drawer 21 16 2 4 N/A 5 N/A

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    Finish Colors

    color icon01Colors viewed on your computer screen may not be an accurate representations of finish colors in different office lighting conditions. Often times, computer screens are tuned with more blues and less reds. For this reason, we encourage all customers to request sample finish chips to check actual finish colors in your office lighting conditions prior to your order.

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